Written Works

Writing is essentially how I think; everything processed in articles and stories. I trade in metaphor and conjure imagery. If you want to check out what I’ve written, just scroll down! You can also see my work over at Content Creators Haven. (NOTE: This is a work in progress right now, so please bear with me)

And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow

This was my senior project at Cal State Monterey Bay; four short stories about journalists in the far future (past the year 2050). Our class’s theme was “The Year 2050,” focusing on how Communications will help the world through our muddy future. Each story has a different version of the future, and they focus on different sorts of journalists.

Otter Realm Articles (NOTE: The domain on which the Otter Realm was housed has since disappeared, so I am re-making pages for all my articles.)

I was the Editor of the Otter Realm during my junior year, and it was such a privilege to work with wonderful peers and advisors. You can find all my editorials and features here, as well as my Chief Eats cafe review column, on this page!

Other Articles

The Rock and the Hard Place