Otter Realm

Here’s where you can see all the articles I’ve published with the Otter Realm (The way their organized is; the top of each list is the front-most article in the actual paper, and the farther down you go, the further through the issue you read. Not confusing at all). The purple Issue titles take you to the PDF of the paper, so you can see it in all its complete, colorful glory.

EDIT: The Otter Realm has now been renamed The Lutrinae. I no longer work for the paper, and so I am copy-and-pasting my articles from my original files. These links are currently broken, but I will update them soon!

Issue 10

Editorial: A New Age for the Otter Realm

Chief Eats: Marina Donuts and Bagels

Issue 9

Editorial: Why We Need Abuse Education

Seaside Main Gate Forum Postponed

Chief Eats: Lilify and Bright Coffee

Issue 8

Editorial: Your Mental Health in College

Otter Cliffhanger: Fraternity To Walk The Extra Mile For Women’s Rights

Chief Eats: Gusto, Seaside

Issue 7

Editorial: The World is Watching (Again)

Chief Eats: Pavel’s Bakerei, Pacific Grove

Issue 6

Editorial: Women and the Election

Player Profile: Michael Loncaric

Chief Eats: Grandma’s Kitchen, Seaside

Mending Monologues Holds Auditions

Issue 5

Editorial: Graduation….or Bust?

Women’s Rugby Takes on SCU

Safety First

Chief Eats: Coffee Mia, Marina

Issue 4

Editorial: Not Voting? Not an Option

Chief Eats: East Village Coffee Lounge, Monterey

Fort Ord: Ruins, But Not Ruined

Issue 3

Editorial: Sustainability and You

Welcome Back to the Bay, Selka!

Chief Eats: Paris Bakery, Monterey

Issue 2

Editor’s Elucidations: Why Nerds are Cool

Flipping Out: Shanghai Acrobats Visit CSUMB

The Sextion: Close at Heart But Far Apart

Issue 1

Set Microwave to Red Alert – The Business and Information Technology Building was evacuated due to a fire alarm on Sept. 8, 2016.