Hello There! My name is Kelly Rose, and this site gives you a pretty good picture of me. I love writing, whether for the Otter Realm, poetry, or my own stories. Photography is my ‘artsy’ talent. When I was little, my mom always had her camera out, and she took amazing photographs. Hopefully I can do the same! I know an atrocious amount of useless facts. Where I got them from, no one knows.

Shameless self promotion! I am the Editor-In-Chief of the Otter Realm, here at CSU Monterey Bay. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to work as a journalist in the most beautiful place on earth. I also have two radio shows with OtterMedia, the campus radio station.”This Goes Out To” is Tuesdays 6-8:00 PM. The Instagram for This Goes Out To can be found on the left side of this page, along with my own personal Instagram.

I am also a rep for Pura Vida Bracelets! I talk about them in this post, but for ease of use, my code is KELLYGALTEN20. Enter at checkout for a discount!

The rest of my fun facts are in a handy list below:

-I’m slowly and reluctantly beginning to enjoy country music. It gets stuck in my head like no other, but it’s good for road trips and hair-brush singing.

-I drink more coffee than is healthy for ANYONE.

-It is rare to see a wild Kelly in its natural habitat without a book. They do not prefer one in particular, but have been seen in the frequent possession of the Harry Potter series.

-I am starting to cook more often, though gourmet meals are difficult in the dorms.

-My best friend has a gaming channel on YouTube: G10 Gaming. He does a variety of different games, and the videos are really well edited. Yours truly even appears in some! You can go enjoy watching gameplay or to laugh at how bad I am. Your choice.

-Quite truthfully, I have had enormous amounts of fun at the Otter Realm, as it is my first true journalistic job.