WonderWoman and Different Schedules

I train to fight crime by night, and warn of impending posting changes, in case there is anyone who regularly reads this blog.

I found some workout charts on my Tumblr feed that are perfect for dorm room muscle-building. I used to row in high school, but since last semester, I have been too busy to go to the gym. I also lost about 10 pounds from stress (I DO NOT RECOMMEND¬†IT it’s really terrifying to lose weight from working too much) last semester, so I’ve been trying to get my weight back up. Now that I am pretty much back (Whoo-hoo!) I started looking for simple workouts. Luckily, Tumblr saved the day with female-superhero-themed workouts! There are 5: Batwoman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman. Lots of abs, core, and legs. I have a kettle-bell weight for arms as well. I will post the link as it is on my Tumblr, but I do not know the original source of these workouts.

I am going back to school on Friday, and will be immediately swamped with work and homework and Mending Monologues (I will make a separate post for this), so I will be posting on the same schedule as G10’s video upload. It’ll be about twice a week, maybe three. This way, I can plug his newest videos and still give you guys posts you want to read (hopefully).

In case you are wondering, G10 (Gio) and I are best friends, basically siblings. We’ve been close for about 3 years now. I stole him from my boyfriend, but he became a valuable part of my life. As an only child, I never understood the connection that siblings have, and I don’t claim to now. However, I cannot think of what else to call him (as I refer to Melissa, whom I know from school, as my best friend). Gio has propped me up when my boyfriend cannot be there, and knows how much the long-distance thing can hurt. He knows I’m struggling that day right away, and he’s a huge help. So, give the kid a chance, for me!


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